The Natural Push-Up Forte Plus Tablets


Plant-based nutritional supplement for the healthy development of glandular breast tissue and natural enhancement of the female breast.

Features concentration specifically formulated for Asian Ladies.

*For better results, take with AHL Melting Tablets to see results in hair, skin and nails.

Additional information

Weight 0.162 kg

• Humulus Lupulus (blend of 3 rare species, Netherland, Australia and USA)
• Glycine Max (soy extract)
• Fagopyrum esculentum (buckwheat)
• Avena strigosa (oat)
• Malt
• Triticum aestivum (wheat)
• Secale cereal (Rye)
• Zea mays (maize)
• Hordeum vulgare (barley)

Nutritional Value

• 2% vegetable fat and 85% proteins.
• High in vitamins, minerals, fibre, essential fatty acids, phytoestrogen and antioxidants.


• Tablets 1000mg
• 6 blister packs per box. 10 tablets per blister pack.
• 3 years shelf life from the manufacturing date.
• Made in the Netherlands.
• Contains no animal substances, lactose, alcohol, preservatives and artificial colorings.

Ideal Users

• Asian women aged between 18 and 70:
• With conditions of underdeveloped breast size.
• Women in menopause or reaching menopause.
• For those seeking firmer, rounder and more prominent bust.


• Results are expected to show after an eight (8) month continuous intake of the product.
• Start by taking 1 tablet per day for 2 weeks. Up the intake to 2 tablets a day (maximum).
• After 8 months, follow with a maintenance course by taking 1 tablet each day after meal.


Please wait at least 8 hours after taking Natural Push Up Tablets before consuming any liquor or grapes.

Not recommended for:
• Pregnant women
• Individuals with grain allergy
• Those under the age of 18, whose body are still in development

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