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The ingredients in the Natural Push-Up Forte Plus’ preparation are of exclusively natural substances. There is absolutely no relationship between this product and the illegal administration of hormones such as anabolic steroids (which is taken amongst some athletes), and synthetic hormones (which appear in some other breast products). In regards to the possible risk of cancer, in Asia, for example, where people consume higher quantities of soy (hence phytoestrogens) than in Europe, there is a much lower incidence of breast cancer than European countries. More and more scientists are coming to the conclusion that the tendency for breast cancer is genetically determined and that studies in Europe and Japan have indicated that phytoestrogens appear to play an important role in the prevention of tumours.

No! Absolutely not. If a breast product’s effect were due to an increase in fat tissue, this would be a cause for concern during times when the user would be engaged in losing weight as the first fat tissue to be lost often comes from the breasts. This would mean that the preparation would be counterproductive to losing weight. The use of NPU Forte Plus affects only the glandular tissue in the breasts. The fat tissue in the breasts, on the other hand, depends primarily on the weight fluctuations in the female body. The breasts are provided with extra support as well, as NPU Forte Plus replaces lost fat tissue with glandular tissue.

The manufacturer’s experience with the product shows a success rate of over 85% in the age group of 18 – 48 (pre-menopause). Our clinical study which reflects a similar figure further confirms it. This shows a good result as compared to successful registered medicines.

People who are overly sensitive to grain products (e.g. wheat, maize , barley, oats etc.) and hops appear to show the same excessive sensitivity to these tablets. Other unexpected reactions related to an excessive sensitivity to the preparation have not been mentioned.

The production of beer involves boiling; any active ingredients present in beer during its initial stages of production would have been broken down during the production process.

This product has been sold since 1996 and currently the top selling breast care product in Europe.

Whether or not a product is permitted for use in a country depends on the product’s proven level of safety. This product is extremely safe. So safe, in fact, not a single government has raised any objection to it.

There are 60 tablets in a box (for one month supply).

On average, a women need to take 1 or maximum 2 tablets a day for 8 months (1 course) to obtain and maintain an increase of one cup size. In general, every eight months (i.e. one cycle) will bring about reasonably one cup size (not indefinitely, of course). Nevertheless, the user should decide properly whether they should continue (if more is required) or, are they ready for maintenance dosage of 1 tablet per day for 6 months. The user can refer to our support staff who has gone through proper training for more professional advice and request for a special program which tailor to individual needs. Again, we would like to stress that age, pregnancy, pre/post menopause are important factors in determining who could take the NPU Forte Plus tablets.

NO! We recommend that you follow the instructions as closely as possible (for example; by taking maximum 2 tablets per day).

Taking one tablet twice a day keeps the level of their ingredients in the blood equal. This way, the tablets can produce their beneficial effects 24 hours a day. e.g. 1 after meal in the day and 1 after meal in evening.

From experience, it has been discovered that the best effect is achieved by taking the tablets with a relatively large amount of water throughout the day (at least 1 litre). The absorption of a large amount of water has been shown to encourage the activity of the active ingredients through rehydration.

Stopping in the middle of taking a series of tablets will have a negative effect on the results.

No. Forgetting to take the tablets for just one day will not produce a noticeably negative effect. However, we strongly recommend that the regime be adhered to properly.

There is absolutely no gain in fat tissue. The use of NPU Forte Plus affects only the glandular tissue in the breast. Hence, we are of the conclusions that NPU Forte Plus has no effect on the size of the rest of the body.

Consumers have mentioned the followings : Some women have reported feeling nauseous when they combine the preparation with wine, wine distillates or products containing grapes. This effect is similar to what happens when beer and wine are drunk in relatively rapid succession.

The GOOD EFFECTS are : In addition to breast enlargement and firming, consumers have also noticed the followings: Better nail growth, improved bowel movements, relieve minor menopausal syndrome such as dry and flaky skin, hot flushes, irritability and mood swings.

Note: We would like to stress again, like other food supplements, NPU should be taken with plain water only and not wine, juice or other beverages. To consume grape (due to its wine essence) or any alcoholic products, please allow for 8 hours gap.

In practice, it has been shown that the tablet has no permanent effect on the menstrual cycle. Some women experienced a delay of several weeks. If such a delay is caused by taking NPU Forte Plus, the effect will disappear within a few months. If menstruation has not occurred within 12 weeks, the delayed may not be caused by NPU Forte Plus. Consulting a doctor for possible pregnancy or some other gynaecological concern may be a wise move.

In practice, it has been shown that NPU Forte Plus has no effect on the function of contraceptive pills.

In combination with acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) menstruation can be slightly heavier than normal flow. Theoretically the same could apply in combination with anti-coagulant drugs. No other negative interactions are mentioned. NPU Forte Plus is even used in combination with anxiolytics, tranquillizers, thyroid tablets, antidiabetics or any other diseases. Therefore, NPU Forte Plus continue to work even with medications. Nevertheless, like any other drugs or supplement, please allow for an interval of 4-6 hours before the consumption of NPU Forte Plus.

Yes! Absolutely. After menopause, the breakdown of glandular tissue occurs more rapidly which means that the effects may be slower when compared with the same amount of tablets consumed by a non-menopausal lady. About 70 % of the menopausal users reported on having firmer and fuller breasts while more than 90% of women having menopause benefited from NPU Forte Plus which prevents the breakdown of glandular tissue and relieves some of the undesirable menopausal syndrome (refer Q16).

NO! Not during pregnancy. However, do allow 3 months after delivery (if no breastfeeding involved) or 1 month after breastfeeding, whichever comes later.

This will depend on where the implants were introduced. If the implants were placed under the breast muscle, it will form no hindrance whatsoever for the use of NPU Forte Plus. If the implants were introduced into the breast itself, these can hinder the growth of glandular tissue (a plastic surgeon will know the exact position). Since NPU Forte Plus causes the growth of glandular tissue, the presence of existing glandular tissue can be damaged by lack of space. When this happens, undesirable complications may occur. Statistics have shown that as many as 20% of silicone implant patients may face the risk of leakage or infections in time to come. For this reason, a woman with breast implants should not take NPU Forte Plus.

Neither the size nor the shape can cause any stomach problem. They can be chewed before swallowing or swallowed in whole. But, please note that hops do taste bitter.

NPU Forte Plus tablets are well suited for anorexia patients.

It is the experience that for a small minority of the users the tablets are not easily digestible. We would advise to reduce the dosage to 1 tablet per day and increased gradually to 2 tablets (after two weeks). In most cases the tablets will be well tolerated by then.

This will depend on your age and budget. For those above 35, maintenance at 1 tablet on a daily basis may be essential for 6 months to maintain the shape thereafter.

The user herself should sense it within 4 weeks, and up to 4 months to see the physical changes.

This depends on how long she takes the tablets. One cup size per 8 months is seen in most women. Some would prefer to go on with the tablets as they may desire larger breasts.”How long” a person should continue would depend on “how much” she desires. Naturally, there is no indefinite “growing”. When users are happy with their results they should switch to maintenance dose (please refer to Q27).

Yes, but it is a reversible and harmless effect of NPU Forte Plus. If this is of concern to the user, then reduce the dosage to 1 tablet per day. Immediate effect will be noticed.

A normal, but increased flow may possibly be caused by NPU Forte-Plus, which is completely harmless. However, a pathological flow caused by Candida Albicans is not possible. NPU Forte Plus has fungi static effect against Candida Albicans infections.

The safest time of administration is 1 hour after meal. The digestion appears to be optimal.

Everything goes back to normal as soon as she stops consuming NPU Forte Plus. In rare cases, this reversible phenomenon is observed. However, under normal circumstances, just reduce the dosage to one per day and the bleeding will slowly disappear. After that, it is recommended to enhance the maximum (2) dosage gradually. Please note that this effect is completely harmless to the user.

This may happen to some ladies (about 1%), which is normal as the colour of their areolas seems to react to isoflavons. Natural changes such as hormonal balance can create similar effect too.

Yes! We would recommend on the application of our NPU Forte Plus Cream to complement the effect. Just apply the cream twice a day for the first three months, followed by once-a-day application thereafter. A 1-2 minute massage may promote better blood circulation, thereby enhancing the effect (please consult our trained professionals for further information).

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Food allergies – Users who have allergies to the following ingredients: hops, wheat, barley, rye, malt, black oats, buckwheat and corn – please do not take NPU Forte Plus as the same adverse reactions may occur.
  3. Under 18 (minor) – Though many mothers in Europe are buying NPU Forte Plus for their teenage daughters of 16, it is preferable that a user’s natural biological system is fully developed before consuming NPU Forte Plus. While NPU Forte Plus is a completely natural food product and one that mankind has eaten for thousands of years, if you have or continue to suffer from any health complications with your breast (e.g. tumour), we advise that you consult your doctor prior to taking NPU Forte Plus.
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