AHL Melting Tablets


AHL Melting Tablets is a hair-loss control supplement that effectively promotes hair growth through nourishment. Women and men suffering from hormonal imbalances and other conditions that affect normal hair growth can ideally use this melting herbal tablets to complement, or as an alternative to chemically-based products.

With natural isoflavone, cholecalciferol and biotin, AHL Melting tablet provides the perfect ingredients for hair renewal and helps create the right condition for your body to restore hair growth. It works by stimulating insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-1) production in scalp and stabilising fluctuating hormonal imbalances caused by anxiety, stress, disease, medication, and other factors.

Once the imbalance is addressed, hair growth returns to normal, and any shedding of hair reduces and stops.

Additional information

Weight 0.032 kg

• Natural Isoflavones
• Cholecalciferol
• Biotin
**Soy Isoflavone + Cholecalciferol: induce osteoblast activation and prevent pre-osteoclast and osteoclast differentiation
**Cholecalciferol + Biotin: Hair loss, weak nails, biotin deficiency, osteomalacia.


60 melting tablets (200mg per tablets)

How To Use

• 1 or 2 times a day
• Melts under the tongue. Do not swallow

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